I will be starting a Heartfelt Communication Course on Thursday 9th Jan 2020

This is a Ten Week Course. Each session will last 2.5hrs from 7:30 pm to 10pm

Cost: £150 There are only twenty places on this course.

To ask questions or reserve your place, contact me on 07770 758138 or email me at coaching@abelbhahn.com

It is my intention that this course will furnish the students with a number of tools, and some experience at using those tools, which will enable them to manage their emotions and their communications with greater skill and confidence. These skills will influence their effectiveness and satisfaction in all areas of their lives, e.g. family, work, relationships, activism, and leisure.

The course will include factual information presented by myself using speech, handouts and various forms of visual aids. The students will work individually, in small groups and as a whole class. They will practice the skills using exercises, discussion and homework. These exercises will use examples provided as well as ones generated by the students. They will be invited to introduce their own ideas using brainstorming, question time and unstructured opportunities.

The range of presentation methods will enable students of all personal learning styles to take what they need from this course.

There is a strong emphasis in this course on the pre-eminent benefits of ‘practice makes perfect’, therefore much effort has been put into creating exercises that enable students to practice the skills ready to take them into their daily lives.

A quote from an attendee of the last course:

I participated in Abel’s Course and was moved by his use of his own personal examples to illustrate how this communication works. I felt inspired by his non-judgmental spirit and the way he listened, engaged and connected with us, working through our examples. This attitude is really important to me because without the warmth of the heart and the genuine intention of seeking connection, the use of communication techniques in order to improve relationships remains only a tool. Abel’s modeling was a truly enriching experience for us.

                                                      A 43-years old female EFT practitioner