Weight Management Coaching

I specialize in Weight Management Coaching, as this is an area where coaching can make a huge difference to people’s lives, which i find very rewarding. As I state in my video, it is important to think of this as weight management, rather than dieting and weight loss. Whilst people usually come to this because they have gained weight that they wish to lose, I aim to help them develop a new relationship to food and eating that is balanced and joyful. I work with clients to create an experience of empowerment and control over their attitude, their choices, and their total experience.
I also work with people as individuals, each of whom has their personal relationship to food, and their individual set of needs and patterns. No two clients are alike. Also, the experienced difficulty of weight management is not related to the amount of weight to lose, the number of diets attempted, the length of time being overweight, or any other factor. Its individual.
I wish to point out here, that i do not judge clients for their weight, or their problems with losing weight, or their feelings around their bodies and their appearance. If any of us is in a place we would rather not be, then we will only move to the place we wish to be in when we accept ourselves where we are. Those of us who have difficulty accepting ourselves, need to first find that acceptance from others, before we can internalize it. I provide that acceptance, which can be trusted because i do not hide the reality, or pretend.

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