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Welcome to my website. Here you can learn about what is Life Coaching, what Coaching can do for you, what issues Coaching can assist you with, who I am, how I work, and how we could work together to transform your life. I will soon be posting testimonials from some of my clients, some interviews about coaching, and a recording of an actual coaching session (with permission of the anonymous client of course). You can find out how to contact me, what time works for you and me, and can learn about my charges and session structure.

Here are some questions you may ask.

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Coaching is an ongoing conversation, between a client and their coach, by which the coach supports the client to accurately and clearly identify their goals, and then walks the path alongside them, to assist them in achieving those goals.

The coach does this by asking the sort of questions that the client and others in their lives have not asked, by guiding the client to explore the stories and messages they tell themselves, and calling on the client to align their whole being, and act decisively to ensure they work towards those goals, with no self sabotage, no wasted energy, and total commitment.

Coaching is based on the recognition that the client has access to all the resources they need to achieve the goals they set for themselves. The coach does not need to be an expert in the subject that the client chooses for coaching. The coach simply needs to be an expert at coaching. As a coach, I can help you in every area of your life in which you wish to make changes.
Do you want to lose weight?
Do you want to change career?
Do you want to create a loving relationship?
Do you want to understand why you keep sabotaging yourself?
Do you want to learn a new skill, or develop your existing skills?
Do you keep getting passed over for promotion?
Have you started something and fear you cannot complete it?

All these and many many more can be achieved with the use of coaching.
I can assist you in totally transforming your life.

If you are wondering whether you are the right sort of person for coaching, maybe thinking that coaching works for some, but not for others, then I can assure you, from much experience, that coaching can help you, whoever you are. Many of the most successful global business leaders have a coach, students have coaches,  jobless people use a coach to ensure they can find work.

Coaching works, because you are investing your time and money in yourself. There is no better investment than lifting yourself up to be the ultimate you are capable of being.

After the first, introductory session, the client and the coach each commit to a series of sessions, usually either a stated time period or a minimum number of sessions, but can be different if the goal has a time deadline. Coaching sessions can be face to face, or at a distance, using phone, Internet, or email. The sessions are usually the same day and time each occurrence, but can be varied as necessary.

Face to face coaching sessions can be at the offices of the coach, at the offices of the client, or at a suitable venue. Telephone sessions are best held with the client in a safe and quiet environment, with minimal risk of interruption, and no risk of being heard.

The first session is usually 50 minutes, subsequent sessions can be 25mins, 40mins, or 50mins.
I recommend one session per week for the first six weeks, then we review the frequency, considering reducing to one session every two weeks, or one session per month, all depending on your need and our discussion.
I charge £60 per 50 minute session, or £30 per 25 minute session, paid in advance at the rate of five sessions per payment. Payment can be in cash,  direct transfer, or PayPal online.
The first half hour is free, so we can get to know each other.
I offer an introductory discount  of 15% for the first five sessions.
I offer a discount of 10% on payments for more than ten sessions.
I offer two free sessions for every introduction to a new client.
I offer two reasons for you to choose me. One reason is me, the other is my method.
Coaching is a personal relationship between client and coach. It involves trust, honesty, intimacy, and connection. Not every coach works for every client, so I suggest you have an initial free session so you can experience my style and the connection I build with you, my commitment to being honest and clear with you, and can experience the acceptance without judgement that I offer you.

My method is a culmination of the various trainings I have completed, and what I have done with them. You will find me rigorous in my commitment to clean, clear, honest and vulnerable communication. I offer tools that will assist you in all your communication, and have much experience at demonstrating and teaching those skills.

My capacity to identify the inconsistencies both in the messages you give yourself, and the actions you take, is like a laser. Very little gets past me, so I can help you to tackle the thoughts and beliefs that undermine your achievement of your goals, that others might not notice.
I have training and experience in several areas that many people find difficult to talk about, so you can talk about anything that you need to, without worrying if I can deal with it.

Certificate in Solution Focused Coaching from Erickson College

Diploma in NLP from ITS in London

KLT in NVC (Non Violent Communication)

NVQ in Mediation from Mediation UK

Managing Couples training with Relate in UK

Workshop assistant and team leader with Human Awareness Institute
•  Working as a life coach since 2007
•  Part time private practice as relationships trainer and marriage mediator
•  Volunteer telephone counsellor with Lifeline
•  Creation and delivery of adult education classes in relationship skills and Non Violent Communication
•  Volunteer community disputes mediator
I currently have clients in USA, UK, China, and Switzerland.
I have a range of experience, from unemployed and homeless, to highly educated and successful people.
I have clients ranging from needing to lose 4kg (9lb) to needing to lose 50kg (110lb).
I have experience of clients who are single, clients who are in a long term committed relationship/marriage, and  clients who have recently separated. In addition to weight management, I have assisted clients with issues relating to parenting, employment, sexuality, abuse, small business, and corporate culture.
I can relate to people who have made big mistakes in their lives, having been married three times. I have a range of business experience, having launched a construction business, a manufacturing business, and a service business. I have gone from bankruptcy to selling a franchised business, I have employed staff and coped with taxation and bureaucracy.

I have coped with the death of an offspring, and the parenting of a teenager. I have lived in Europe, China, and USA, I have worked to support a family, and I have given up my work in favor of my wifes career. I have been a member of a group of fathers for fourteen years, and I have coped with loneliness and isolation.

I design all sorts of things, from houses to computer programs, via furniture and sculptures. I have run several marathons and half marathons, and one duathlon. I have written a novel and a treatise on marriage, and have more fiction on the go. I am passionate about color, and almost never wear brown. I also love dance, especially Tango, and I have done much work on relationships and sexuality, including Tantra. I am committed to environmental sustainability and am a co-creator of Viridian Future.
Hello Abel
Totally understand where you’re coming from. I do feel like I’ve improved a lot since you’ve been my coach. I can only give you credit for this, as I wouldn’t have been conscious about my shortcomings, and made purposefully aware of this weekly without your efforts….I do appreciate you. And you’ve been an amazing motivator for me. Thank you.
Am very pleased with the following progress:
1) more purposeful and planning of logistics on my part when it comes to meeting and organizing my work
2) more focused and less distracted during specific activities so I actually accomplish more
3) become more realistic on what I want to do and what I can do
4) actually more punctual and aware of meetings and schedules
5) have become more present and reliable for colleagues
6) getting tasks done and completed.
7) on schedule for all work deadlines to date
8) able to better plan and delegate work so things actually gets done
9) Actually have had the courage to confront difficult issues at work and home that I would usually avoid ex:a) tough discussions withe Jesse, b) tough decisions like re-organizing teams, braving getting employees angry and disappointed with me, c) firing employees in the past week.
10) can focus and listen more when in a conversation with people
Mandy. Shanghai